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How can I help you get serious about teaching with humor?

     Send me an email to schedule your motivational  professional development sessions that promise to    motivate and encourage teachers. All session              formats present effective instructional humor  strategies that will assist teachers in coping with    student behavior and  confidence issues.

Half-day Session Format Options:

  • KEYNOTE SPEECH: formal speech (200+ attendees; 45 - 60 min.) 

  • TEACHER TALK: motivational, interactive talk and teamwork (25-200 educators; 1-2 hrs.) 

  • WORKSHOP: artmaking with encouraging side of humor (25-150 educators; 2-3 hrs.) 

Whole-day Session Format Option:

  • TEACHER TALK + WORKSHOP: teacher talk, teamwork + hands-on studio art workshop

        (25-200 educators; 4-6 hrs.)