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Hello, great teachers!

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Hello, I am Dr. Teri Evans-Palmer. My career path has given me many opportunities to serve educators: as a K-12 art teacher, visual arts coordinator, director of public information, continuing education facilitator for art museum docents, higher education teacher educator, researcher and artist.

Extremely challenging experiences as a public school art teacher forced me to develop humor strategies to help me survive in K-12 public school classrooms. Later, my doctoral studiy research showed a significant relationsship between teachers who teach with humor and those who believe in their own teaching ability. In their classrooms, they stepped over adversity, engaged their students, and triggered creative thinking.


My professional development and continuing education sessions help teachers reset their point of view so they can enjoy teaching again by embracing playfulness, optimism, and resilience.

B.S. Art Education, Kutztown University 

M.S. Art, Texas A&M University

Ph.D., University of the Incarnate Word

Some college professors take themselves WAY too seriously . . . unless you are Dr. Teri Evans-Palmer, who can find the humor in everyday teaching moments. As we emerge from the dark days of a global pandemic, humor is something that helps humans connect, and is a skill that teachers desperately need to add to their tool kit for success.”

DR. CHRISTINA BAIN, Associate Chair, Department of Art and Art History, The University of Texas at Austin

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